Yellow 10 - The Story of the Ultra-Rare Fw 190 D-13

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Something about the Champlin Fighter Museum’s Focke-Wulf 190D never seemed quite right.

Although the resin fuselage halves were well cast, it was still necessary to sand the inside surfaces to ensure proper fuselage width and a continuous gluing surface for the parts. Repeated dry fits were made until I was convinced that the wings and tail would fit seamlessly. In the photograph below, the cream-colored parts are resin whereas the grey parts are styrene.

Once I felt comfortable the fuselage halves would fit together properly, I turned to the cockpit. Guide rails on each side of the seat back were made from Evergreen styrene. The cockpit was painted RLM 66 using Polly Scale acrylic, although in the photo it appears overly dark owing to the poor light conditions. Proper insertion the cockpit and engine plug required careful dry fitting and some minor adjustments. I opted to thin the width of the cockpit floor rather than the fuselage side walls. The same was true for the engine plug. Note that because the resin fuselage is thicker that the kit parts, the exhaust wells sit a little deeper than they should.

Reducing the depth of each well before attaching it to the interior of the fuselage is the best option. I learned this lesson the hard way when my MDC exhausts nearly disappeared into the uncorrected wells.

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However, the kit exhausts fit satisfactorily in the uncorrected wells, so ultimately I used them. Once the fuselage halves were glued together with CA glue I returned to the cockpit area to make a small but noticeable correction. As in the Hasegawa kit, the placement of the gun sight is incorrect in the Rutman conversion because it interrupts the padding that extends across the front of the coaming above the instrument panel.

Therefore, I repositioned the gun sight further forward and added a strip of styrene rod to fill the gap in the padding. Attaching the tail and wings was easy given the careful dry fitting that preceded. The small insert between the wheel wells fit perfectly as well.

At this point main construction was complete and the model was ready for painting. Painting of the outer surfaces began by spraying the model with Mr. Surfacer The wheel wells RLM 02 , cockpit, and engine face were masked prior to the application of the primer. Once the primer was dry I polished the model with a Micromesh sanding cloth. I then painted and masked the JG26 Reich defense bands on the rear fuselage. Note that the white and black bands were unequal in width and not parallel.

I preshaded the model with black paint and then polished it again. Alclad II aluminum metalizer was sprayed on the wing roots. The metalizer in this area would later be exposed to simulate scuffed paint. Click on the thumbnails below to view larger images:. I used Alclad II for the metal surfaces and weathered it slightly with washes of thinned Tamiya black acrylic. The natural metal surfaces were then masked for application for RLM 75 and 76 using Polly Scale acrylics. The fuselage was painted RLM The remainder of the painting was an exercise in free expression.

The greens applied to the upper surfaces are my own mixtures for RLM 82 and I am not satisfied with most interpretations of RLM 82 hellgrun by paint manufacturers since the color is typically formulated as bright as a green gummybear. Why, you may ask, did I not simply use the WEM paints? This gave a distinctly brownish green appearance to the paint. The spinner was painted RLM After several unsuccessful attempts to find a suitable spare decal, I opted to paint the spinner white, mask the spiral using Tamiya tape, and then reapply the RLM Note the stains on the rear half of the spinner — these were caused by fluids leaking through the hole of the propeller hub for the cannon blast tube.

To simulate this effect I masked the forward part of the spinner and then sprayed highly thinned back paint across the rear half of the spinner in the direction of air flow. The prop blades were painted RLM 70 black green. At the other end of the aircraft, note the light grey paint on the leading edge of the upper portion of the tail.

To simulate paint chips at the wing roots, I used fine grain sandpaper to create surface abrasions and expose small amounts of the Alclad II aluminum beneath. The Eaglecals decals performed flawlessly over a gloss coat of Future floor wax. To each landing strut I added brake lines made from wire and thin, flexible rubber.

The oleos were covered with bare metal foil, and the holes in the oleo scissors were drilled out.

DORA THE CHALLENGING EXPLORER - Fw-190 D-13 - (War Thunder Gameplay)

I also added some additional wiring to the radius rod hinges. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.


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Main article: List of Focke-Wulf Fw variants. Main article: Focke-Wulf Fw operational history. Main article: List of surviving Focke-Wulf Fw s. Aviation portal Germany portal War portal. I low-winged monoplane fighter which flew near the end of World War I. Combat aircraft of World War II. German Aircraft Landing Gear. On all versions of the Fw A a wire cable was attached to the middle trunnion of the right [main landing gear] strut, this leading to the tailwheel.

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The story of the ultra-rare Fw 190 D-13

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Focke-Wulf Fw 190

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