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  2. US Central Command provided photos and videos of the damage:.
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For the record, I see this in the HML5 client, and only very recently. Fayeanne , May 22, Dandini likes this. Game version: v1. After refreshing the page they appeared again. Expected situation: Reproduction Steps 1. As I login after three or more hours of inactivity I can't see some buildings of mine 2. Then I go to the world map or refresh the page 3. Generally, large mine benches are 12 to 15 metres thick.

The width of each bench is determined by the size of the equipment being used, generally metres wide.

What is a Mine Shuttle Car Operator?

This new level will become progressively wider to form the new pit bottom. Most walls of the pit are generally mined on an angle less than vertical. Waste rock is stripped when the pit becomes deeper, therefore this angle is a safety precaution to prevent and minimize damage and danger from rock falls. However, this depends on how weathered and eroded the rocks are, and the type of rocks involved.

It also depends on the amount of structural weaknesses occur within the rocks, such as a faults , shears , joints or foliations. The walls are stepped. The inclined section of the wall is known as the batter, and the flat part of the step is known as the bench or berm.

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  • The steps in the walls help prevent rock falls continuing down the entire face of the wall. In some instances additional ground support is required and rock bolts , cable bolts and shotcrete are used.

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    De-watering bores may be used to relieve water pressure by drilling horizontally into the wall, which is often enough to cause failures in the wall by itself. A haul road is usually situated at the side of the pit, forming a ramp up which trucks can drive, carrying ore and waste rock. Open-pit mines create a significant amount of waste. Almost one million tons of ore and waste rock can move from the largest mines per day, and a couple thousand tons moved from small mines per day.

    Waste rock is hauled to a waste dump. Waste dumps can be piled at the surface of the active pit, or in previously mined pits. Leftover waste from processing the ore is called tailings , and is generally in the form of a slurry. This is pumped to a tailings dam or settling pond, where the water is reused or evaporated. Tailings dams can be toxic due to the presence of unextracted sulfide minerals , some forms of toxic minerals in the gangue , and often cyanide which is used to treat gold ore via the cyanide leach process. If proper environmental protections are not in place, this toxicity can harm the surrounding environment.

    Open-pit mining involves the process of disrupting the ground, which leads to the creation of air pollutants. The main source of air pollutants comes from the transportation of minerals, but there are various other factors including drilling, blasting and the loading and unloading of overburden.

    The inhalation of these pollutants can cause issues to the lungs and ultimately increase mortality. Open-pit gold mining is one of the highest potential mining threats on the environment as it affects the air and water chemistry. The exposed dust may be toxic or radioactive, making it a health concern for the workers and the surrounding communities.

    Coal Mine Injuries and Deaths

    A form of open-cast quarrying may be carried out as 'untopping'. This is done where a previous underground mine is becoming uneconomic or worked-out, but still leaves valuable rock in place, often as a result of room and pillar mining. Untopping removes the overburden from above this, opens up the mine from above, and then allows the previously 'trapped' minerals to be won.

    Untopping was a feature of Welsh slate workings in the s and s, where Martyn Williams-Ellis, manager at Llechwedd found that earlier Victorian workings could be kept profitable with the newly mechanised techniques for bulk excavation to extract their pillars, and more recently across a number of worked-out mines. After mining finishes, the mine area may undergo land rehabilitation.

    Waste dumps are contoured to flatten them out, to further stabilize them.

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    If the ore contains sulfides it is usually covered with a layer of clay to prevent access of rain and oxygen from the air, which can oxidize the sulfides to produce sulfuric acid , a phenomenon known as acid mine drainage. Eventually this layer will erode, but it is generally hoped that the rate of leaching or acid will be slowed by the cover such that the environment can handle the load of acid and associated heavy metals.

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    • It may take hundreds to thousands of years for some waste dumps to become "acid neutral" and stop leaching to the environment. The dumps are usually fenced off to prevent livestock denuding them of vegetation. The open pit is then surrounded with a fence , to prevent access, and it generally eventually fills up with ground water. In arid areas it may not fill due to deep groundwater levels. Nickel , generally as laterite, is extracted via open-pit down to 0. Copper can be extracted at grades as low as 0. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the open-source software project, see Opencast software.