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Other than that, the only artistic device I intend to comment on is the picture addition used in two different places i. But that just makes it a failed attempt, not anything that detrimental to the book. There are more puns in this volume, and they feel slightly forced. Fortunately, I can say that this volume has the first worthwhile pun, the Matthew reference. At least the ending, with Derek thinking about basketball, succeeds in being funny.

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Undercutting your own melodrama always helps. Serenity seems cynical about prayer again, which I think is good. Most of the time people, even people significantly more committed to some system of thought than Serenity, fluctuate between varying levels of faith.

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This progression of character is being handled better than some. Unfortunately, the other thing I must mention is a negative one: the handling of the hot tub incident. At least the misunderstanding has an authentic feel. Showbiz serenityBy rance chilafouxI did not order this, but the person who did seems to be very happy when this product, quality service0 of 0 people found the following review helpful. I own 10 of these books!! You don't have to be into Japanese art or Manga or even know what those terms are I work with youth full time and THIS is the way that many of them act. They are relational for kids in the teenage and tweenage years, but are not written for Suzie Sunday School as their crowd.

They are aimed at presenting the Gospel to kids who would normally not even be interested.

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The topics are edgy, but not anything that teens and tweens aren't experiencing in your OWN living rooms and schools. They are also inexpensive and entertaining, but not for us, 20's to 30's. Those that didn't think thre was adequate character development or that the characters were flat, you're right This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

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  • Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Feb 26, Holly Letson rated it really liked it Shelves: love-triangle , mangas , manga-challenge , mangas-gns-vgs-challenge , reading-manga-challenge , real-book-challenge , religious , series-books , sports. So, she is majorly bummed out about it, until some drastic circumstances at work cause her to be available on said weekend. Then, she's still stressed about it, because she's short on cash.

    Luckily, her mother thinks giving her the money is a lesser evil than having her around the house moping all weekend, so she does. Serenity is excited to be on the trip, and takes every opportunity that presents itself to cause problems between Kimberly and Derek. Of course, this ends up causing Serenity herself to break her leg, and be in a cast for weeks. Oct 20, Hanna rated it did not like it Shelves: read-hated-or-just-bad , read-graphics-comics.

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    Awful Christian crap! Jun 23, Jerry rated it it was ok. Good for what it is, but feels like half of an episode instead of a full one. Feb 10, D. Dutcher rated it liked it Shelves: manga , christian. Fifth book in the Real Buzz line of Christian manga. Serenity Harper hears of an upcoming youth group ski trip, but work and no money means she can't come. Will God make a way for her to go? And will she ever deal with both her feelings for Derek and her rivalry with his girlfriend, Kimberly?

    The series is still good in terms of plot, but it's starting to drag. The big problem is that Serenity is a such an appealing character that the constant "she can't have Derek" thing and Kimberly's dislike o Fifth book in the Real Buzz line of Christian manga. The big problem is that Serenity is a such an appealing character that the constant "she can't have Derek" thing and Kimberly's dislike of her starts to grate.

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    She still really hasn't integrated with the youth group, and at times you get the sense that they treat her like a second class citizen, as hard as they try to act Christian. It's to the series credit that they lampshade this a bit, with Derek noticing, and Serenity having real struggles with it, but you wish they would resolve this, or at least soften the attitudes a bit more. The art style is still the same.

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    It's honestly a large disappointment compared to the engaging covers, rough and poorly colored, with no real zip tones like traditional manga uses. Serviceable but bland.

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    It's still surprisingly good for what it is, with Serenity coming across as a real girl, and the others as real people, not Christian stereotypes. You have to read Christian fiction to appreciate this. Serenity is very nuanced for someone struggling into faith, and they manage to capture what a down-on-her-luck girl who has to work a lot, and deal with both adults and teens who don't really understand her feels like. If you have a young girl into slice-of-life manga, they might turn their nose up at it at first, but could warm up to it later.

    Aug 26, Heather rated it it was ok Shelves: graphic-novels-and-comics , mine , christian-and-rep , 2-stars , problematic-imo. I was going to rate this higher—overall, this is a fun story about Serenity going on a ski trip, with a focus on loving one's enemies and respecting others—but then I looked back and realized that Mr.