Particle and Nuclear Physics at J-PARC

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J-PARC is a multi-purpose and multidisciplinary facility that is unique in the variety of secondary-particle beams produced and put to use in cutting-edge research across a wide range of scientific fields. Neutron, pion, kaon and neutrino beams are all produced at J-PARC via collisions between the proton beams and target materials spallation reactions.

The applications of these beams include fundamental nuclear and particle physics, materials and life science, and nuclear technology. It is desirable for students to have leaned dynamics, electromagnetism and quantum mechanics. But this is a guideline and it may depend on the matching with hosting research group. We encourage you to contact us if it is uncertain that you are applicable or not.

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Costs for visas and medical insurances are NOT covered by the program. Flight tickets for participants are arranged by the organizers and the airfares are directly paid to travel agencies.

J-PARC Particle and Nuclear Physics Seminar

Travel costs for international participants are reimbursed by way of cash basically within first two weeks upon their arrivals. Please note that the amount of data is less than 5M, otherwise your mail to the mailing list will bounce back to you. This proposal is called T2K Tokai to Kamioka and it aims to measure mixinganglesintheleptonsector. Theytrytoperformaprecisemeasurement of?

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The Hydrogen Atom Savely G. Holographic Entanglement Entropy Mukund Rangamani.

Nuclear Detectors - Ionization Chamber & Proportional Counter

Mathematical Methods Sadri Hassani. Quantum Chromodynamics on the Lattice Christof Gattringer. Lie Algebras and Applications Francesco Iachello.

SOKENDAI KEK Tsukuba/J-PARC Summer Student Program 12222

Fundamentals of Quantum Information Dieter Heiss. Colloids and the Depletion Interaction Henk N. Back cover copy With the imminent operational start of the Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex J-PARC , a range of fundamental experiments in nuclear and particle physics will come within reach in the near future, while this new facility will also provide a pulsed neutron source for applications in materials and life sciences.