Next Generation Intelligent Networks

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Next Generation Intelligent Optical Networks

AGNITY has implemented this service for one of its key customers who use this service to enable its mobile subscribers to be reachable on fixed line numbers and perform other selective forwarding scenarios. CDIV facilitates conditional and unconditional call forwarding for different scenarios i. Single Number Service lets the subscribers to publish a single telephone number that is geographically independent. Customers can dial the single number which can be distributed to multiple numbers depending upon the time, location, calling party, etc. The ZCR application is created to facilitate the enterprises with multiple outlets located in any geographic region.

These outlets e. This saves the important time of the customer and the outlet staff which could have wasted in routing the call manually.

Intelligent Networks

Intelligent Call Routing ICR Intelligent Call Routing is a core network application that allows the execution of a service flow the business logic of decision nodes by the underlying routing engine. Contact Us for Custom Solutions. First Name.

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This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Advanced Toll Free The Advanced Toll-Free or Free Phone service is a core network application that allows callers to make a free phone call to a service-subscriber by dialing a special service number for example, 8XX numbers in the United States.

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Service-subscribers specify routing for calls, including: Mapping the toll-free number to a telephone number [Basic Free Phone Service] Mapping the toll-free number to a telephone number with authentication options[Residential Free Phone Service] Routing to different telephone numbers based on routing rules such as time of day, day of week, Origin based routing, time-based routing, PIN routing, IVR, percentage, account code, routing tree, etc.

Call Screening Service Advanced call screening application allows Service providers to do call screening for fraud control and lawful warning to subscribers. Call Diversion Service CDIV CDIV is a call-forwarding application that forwards the calls as per general pre-configured rules or as per customized rules based on scenarios that are triggered.

One may quite often find the term Gatekeeper in NGN literature.

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It controlled one or more gateways. The concept was abandoned, however, in favor of maintaining current-generation equipment.

The core optical network uses dense wavelength-division multiplexing DWDM technology to provide scalability to many hundreds of gigabits per second of bandwidth, in line with growth demand. Traffic can be prioritised with Classes of Service, coupled with Service Level Agreements SLAs that underpin quality of service performance guarantees.

Next Generation Networks also extends into the messaging domain and in Ireland, Openmind Networks has designed, built and deployed Traffic Control to handle the demands and requirements of all IP networks. In Canada, startup Wind Mobile owned by Globalive is deploying an all-ip wireless backbone for its mobile phone service.

It's IPv6-capable backbone network leverages softswitches the control layer and protocols like DiffServ and MPLS, which boosts performance of its bearer layer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues.

Next-generation intelligent networks: Migration to IMS | FierceWireless

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