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In order to create a controlled solution, Black Marble created a process using the System Center toolset and via bespoke PowerShell scripts, to perform the actions as if they were occurring in the Lab Centre toolset. Above and beyond outlining a process that would manage Lab Environments, the bank had never managed to successfully implement a build process that would automatically compile, deploy and execute some tests to an environment with one of their applications.

As part of the POC Black Marble used an existing application currently in production at the bank, to prove that it is also achievable. The bank is keen to show the parent group as a whole how successful the POC has been, and perhaps influence the longer term direction for software development tools within the group. For Microsoft, it has opened up the opportunity to expand the ALM footprint and earn the right to advise Lloyds on best practice for ALM, with also the possibility of establishing Hyper-V as a real alternative to VMware as well as potential deployment of System Center across their estate.

For more information on Black Marble's services, please contact us. Introduction Situation - A leading UK Retail bank was looking to improve how it created and managed development environments, and their testing process. Business needs The bank was working on the Microsoft Developer Tools stack, and while they were confident around the pure software development side, they felt they were not using it to its full potential.

Environments often out of date or out of sync. Testing problems e. Multiple source code systems. The Team This part of the bank has a team of about 50 developers. Step 1 Access WAP as an administrator. You see the main Cisco Datacenter Network screen, which is the Tenants tab, as shown in the following screen. Step 3 Click Network Devices and on the Network Devices Tab screen, in the Cloud drop-down, click the cloud service to which you want to add a device, as shown in the following screen.

Step 4 Click Add. Complete the following fields:. The period [. Otherwise the device password will be used for enable mode. The following table summarizes the verification process for the various components.

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Configure the subscription with default container settings, monitor container creation, and verify creation success. Windows Service Cisco. Step 2 Enter your login credentials, then click submit. You see the Tenant Portal main screen, as shown in the following screen. You see the main Cisco Datacenter Center screen, as shown in the following screen. Running this script first removes all previous installations of the Cisco CNAP and then installs the specified instance.

Run the script, which is named setup. The arguments to the script are as follows all values are case sensitive :. For information on troubleshooting Microsoft WAP, see:. Skip to content Skip to footer. Book Contents Book Contents. Find Matches in This Book. PDF - Complete Book 2. Updated: October 12, Install and configure Microsoft Windows Azure Pack.

Set up the environment and target virtual machines. Install and configure Microsoft Service Bus 1. You must drop the existing database from the target database server before continuing. This is a change from previous releases of Cisco CNAP in which fresh installations would also drop the existing database, potentially destroying unsaved data.

See Table in the Preface for: — Specific configuration requirements for these services in the various configuration documents. Installing and Configuring Microsoft Service Bus 1. You see the following screen.

You see the Network Setup Wizard Welcome screen. You see the Install Features screen.

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SQL Authentication is the only option and is preselected. Password: —Enter your password for SQL authentication. You see the Create Service User screen. Password: —Enter a password. Enter Password Again: —Reenter the password. If the credentials are not valid, the installer will time out and y ou will see a message indicating the issue: Password does not pass complexity check. User already exists at target. Credentials are invalid. Unable to verify. You see the Ready to Install screen.

Log in to the Admin Portal and configure the global settings for the system. Start the Cisco. Provisioner Windows Service. Running the RegisterRP. Step 3 Create a virtual machine with a blank virtual hard disk using the following configuration parameters if not specified, the default configuration will be used : General hardware configuration: — One 1 CPU Note You can configure two 2 or four 4 CPUs.

Advanced hardware configuration: — Enable high availability and set priority to High. Auto Deploy NameServer Starting the Cisco. Provisioner Windows Service The Cisco. Removing an Installation If you initially install one or two features, you cannot rerun the installer to install the remaining features you did not initially install.

Repairing an Installation Note Not enabled in the current release. In a WAP Distributed installation, you must remove the components from all individual servers Step 1 To remove an installation, click Remove. You see the Add Network Device screen. Complete the following fields: Name—User-defined name given to the Network Device.

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Post-Installation Verification Overview The following table summarizes the verification process for the various components. Login to the Admin Portal. Login to the Tenant Portal. Verify that the subscription is created. There is no default. If the installer runs silently, you do not see any installer GUI screen. The default is false.

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There is no default value. See Installing the Admin Site for the various values that have to be specified. The format of the. Was this Document Helpful?